tambuah ciek!

what? what is "tambuah ciek!"? what the hell is "tambuah ciek!" doing on here? chill. "tambuah ciek!" is a documentary movie directed by me. the movie's about a guy named Adjis, who’s curious about the uniqueness of Minang cuisine restaurants and stalls, especially in Jakarta. He’s going to visit several places to eat Minang cuisine in Jakarta to see because many Minang cuisine restaurants or stalls spread in Jakarta, both famous and not famous.my movie ("tambuah ciek!") is also going to be screened at "europe on screen 2010 : europe in motion". you might want to visit this site to find out more information about it. lots of awesome european (and indonesian) movies are going to be screened there. the festival will be held at several cities in Indonesia (including Banda Aceh, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bandung, Denpasar, Surabaya, and at last but not least : Jakarta)

mine's will be screened at :

6 Nov/GoetheHaus/17.00

11 Nov/Istituto Italiano di Cultura/17.00


i will attend these two. if you have time please come :)
there will be a Q+A session after the movie screening. you could ask me anything, in fact, you shall ask me anything but lovelife. (lol j/k, ask me about the movie, you can also insult my movie :p). see ya.

ps. in my defense, it's still a food related post! :p


  1. penyalahgunaan wewenang. kalo gini besok2 gw juga mau ngepost buat acara gw :p

  2. asal dihubungin ke makanan aja :p